Using Weight Machines to Build Muscle

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Arm Muscles

Our arm muscles do the actual pushing, pulling, and lifting of items, with stability help from our chest muscles. Strong arm muscles helps us to perform these tasks well, with relative ease and in a timely manner.

Major Muscles Worked for Arms, and the Machines' Weight Ranges

The machines targeting the arm work the major muscles called the biceps and triceps brachii (biceps and triceps), and the brachiraidialis (forearm). Because the arm muscles have such span, I believe that the preset weight machines are great for beginners to start with. They help you to establish a better form when working out, without a spotter (a person standing over you to catch the weight, thus preventing you from getting seriously injured). The preset weight machines start at about 10lbs, and go to just over 200 lbs. The weights on present machines increase in increments of 5 lbs. There are few machines that use weighted plates in the gyms I go to, and this is mainly because many people I see use dumbbells and barbells to exercise their arm muscles.

Resistance machines for Arm Exercises

Resistance machines are the latest tool that I am using to help me build my arm muscles. When you have less upper body strength, they allow you to slowly increase your weight, while at the same time increasing your range of motion in a safe way. You can always drop the weights if it gets too heavy, with a very slim chance of injuring others.