Using Weight Machines to Build Muscle

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Chest Muscles

Our chest muscles help to stabilize and control our arm muscles. This is important for the pushing, pulling, and lifting items. Strong chest muscles also assist in improved core balance and posture. Strong, very visible chest muscles are a great look that many men strive to have.

Major Muscles Worked for Chest, and the Machines' Weight Ranges

The machines targeting the chest work the major muscles called the pectoralis major and minor, and serratus anterior. In modern gyms, there is usually an equal selection of machines that have either preset weights, or machines in which you add weight plates to them. The weights on present machines increase in increments of 5 lbs, and go over 300 lbs. For the weight plate machines, you can increase the weight from just 5 lb plate, and go up to just over 600 lbs.

Resistance Machines

Resistance machines are great for weight training. They work muscles in all of the major muscle groups mentioned in the navigation bar, and are great for weight trainers of all ages. The machines I use have preset weights, in increments of about 3.5 lbs. Trust me when I say, the resistance (or pull) has a higher impact, allowing you to use less weight for a good muscle pump-muscle swell due to increased blood flow in the muscle area(s) being trained at the moment.